Life in Constanta

We have now lived in Constanta for almost 3 months, including our holiday at christmas when we left Romania. So far it has been an emotional roller coaster, settling down here took a while. Having the cultural differences from our homes, things are often not what you expect them to be. We didn’t find any time schedule or map for the buses. We literally just took a bus and hoped it took us in the right direction. Taken to a lot of random places we also came back with great stories. That’s what I would say most things are like here, just randomness and chaos. You never really know what the day might bring. We once went for a yoga lesson which ended up being a spiritual meditation. Not any type of spiritual meditation, they had picture of a women on top of a chair in the front. This picture supposedly released positive energy as a man went around reading our energies to determine whether we were in balance or not. Furthermore, a day could be as simple as taking a walk then suddenly having a random person taking a dump on your yard. The point being, you never know what’s going to happen. That’s also the beauty of it all. It brings excitement and stories, so many stories.

The architecture is also a huge contrast. The grey communist buildings, modern houses, old ruins and beautiful old constructions all mixed together. Romania’s history is also reflected upon the people; the younger generation wear colourful, modern outfits as opposed to the dark, fur clothing of the older generation. The time of communism seeps through society as they transcend into the western culture. We’re in the middle of it all, confused and amazed. It’s hard to believe the life they lived through the time of communism. The stories we heard has made us both astonished and grateful for what we have. Fighting for food, clothes and other necessities was a daily life for many.

I believe this might have formed a lot of great values in the people. You rarely encounter such open and giving people. We have received so much love since our arrival. People have opened their homes for us, others have invited us to their restaurants for a talk and coffee. Even the smallest gesture really lightens up your day.

Otherwise the location of Constanta is both great and a struggle. We have the coast which is great for summer. But, for the time being we want to travel and everything is far away. People tend to hide in their homes during winter, coming out for the summer here. Most of the streets are empty except for the big shopping malls. On the plus side we have all of Constanta for ourselves, before the tourism start to flow here.

I believe that’s all for now! Thank for reading and stay tuned for more!

Felix Jatko


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