Why volunteer?

Recently Rosie Probyn held a exhibition called “Why I volunteer” . I choose to give my answer in 4 categories; experience, people, culture and freedom. The people have been the most challenging part but also the most rewarding one. On one side people see what you’re doing and appreciate it, giving so much in return. […]


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Cultural Differences

Living and working with people from all over Europe is a challenge to start with. Doing this while living in a country far different from your own culture makes it even more of a challenge. A challenge we all gladly accept, something we all have grown from in numerous ways. To start with, I don’t […]

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Assertiveness Training

Hey once again! So far we mostly written about ourself and the life we have here. That’s why this post is going to be about the work we do, starting with assertiveness training. First off you need to understand what asstertiveness is. Shortly put it’s being able to stand for your own rights without stepping […]

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An introduction to Sam

Hello! My name is Sam, I am 18 years old and I come from the Netherlands. A girl who searched for more and who has definitely found it. Welcome to our blog! There I am again. Another blind leap of sheer curiosity, idiocy and will power to make.   When I was finishing up my […]

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Bubbles the Brave Cat

Life in Constanta, simply put, is a huge contrast from life in Western Europe. Everyday brings a story to tell. We could go on for a while but let’s start with the day we found our stray cat. We were on our way home from our friends grandparents who just treated us with some Palinca […]

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Life in Constanta

We have now lived in Constanta for almost 3 months, including our holiday at christmas when we left Romania. So far it has been an emotional roller coaster, settling down here took a while. Having the cultural differences from our homes, things are often not what you expect them to be. We didn’t find any […]

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An Introduction to Rosie

Hey! I’m Rosie, a 21 year old International Development and Anthropology student from Leeds, England. I can’t be confined to a box, restricted to a type or reduced to a definition. I love music, I love food, I love people…I love the world. My passion for travel and volunteering began when me and my parents […]

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An Introduction to Felix

Hi! I’m Felix, 21 years old, from Sweden! ” I always find myself in strange situations and, never know how I got there. “ I want to start by telling you why I’m here in Constanta. Before all of this I was lost, very lost. I tried lots of different jobs, from working at Burger […]

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